Episode 2 is the second episode of CuddlesWorks, and the third episode overall.


Cuddles meets with Splendont again, who keeps saying "smoke weed everyday". Cuddles gets angry with him, and tells him to stop. He doesn't, which leads to our yellow rabbit causing the same process. After one last cry of "smoke weed everyday", Cuddles screams in Scary Voice. Splendont runs off crying as the episode ends and fades out.


The animation was made in GoAnimate and using Lil' Peepz characters.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Regular Boss Battle (plays throughout the entire episode)


  • This is the one of the only two episodes to not use visual effects, the next being Episode 4.
  • This episode does not use special character animations, the others being Episode 4 and Episode 5.
  • This episode uses Scary Voice as an early scream for Cuddles scaring Splendont. He would later use the regular XSCREAM from Five Nights at Freddy's in Episode 3.

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