Episode 5 is the fifth episode of CuddlesWorks: and the sixth episode overall.


Cuddles is on an elevator saying "Wow, if you can believe 43 characters, just believe in-" before getting interrupted by a loud voice saying "43 FRICKING CHARS!" As Cuddles tries to realize where it came from, it doesn't stop. However, he realizes it came from Warren Cook. He scares Warren using the FNaF XSCREAM from Episode 3. Warren is then so sad he leaves crying. However, instead of the fade out, two yellow and black doors close as the words "GAME OVER" in stencil land on them.


The episode was animated using GoAnimate and using Lil' Peepz and Comedy World characters.


GoAnimate: Hip Hop (plays while Cuddles is on the elevator)
GoAnimate: Suspense: End Of The Road (plays when Cuddles takes revenge)


  • This is the only regular episode to use Comedy World characters, the other being RPG Episode 1.
  • This episode's video code contains the letters "NC", which are the initials of the state, North Carolina.

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