Halloween Madness was once meant to be the final episode of CuddlesWorks, though it was later decided to renew the show for a third season. It is the ninth episode of CuddlesWorks, the fourth of Season 2, and the tenth episode overall. This is the show's first holiday special.


Cuddles walks in the Underworld, when suddenly, a Splendont Skeleton sneaks up behind him. About that, the O-Face sound plays. The background turns dark as Cuddles is in a dark room. Something sends him away, which appears to be a ghost. Cuddles cries as he is sent away. We then go to Cuddles taking a shower. When he is done, he has his look from Episode 1 and Episode 1 Plus. Slenderman then comes in as Cuddles believes he is naked. At the end of all of this madness, Cuddles is watching what is believed to be A Nightmare on Elm Street, not choosing Saw. Sooner or later, Cuddles chooses CuddlesWorks. It is later revealed that Cuddles is watching Episode 2. Cuddles enjoys his Halloween one-bunny party as the metal doors from Episode 5 and Cuddles Meets 3D (without "GAME OVER" close.


This episode was animated using a mixture of GoAnimate themes.


  • This is the second episode in high definition, the first being Icy Days.
  • This is the second time that Cuddles cries in an episode, again the first being Icy Days.
  • This is the first time that Cuddles is in the dark.

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