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Icy Days is the eighth episode of CuddlesWorks, the third episode of Season 2, and the ninth episode overall.


Cuddles is seen walking in a wintery-type place. He then gets cold and tries to get warm, only to find out he got lost. Due to this, he cries over what was lost. Splendid tries to say a sentence (possibly about going back to his headquarters), but is cut off when Cuddles cries so loud that he says it woke everybody near him. He goes to Cuddles, who is still crying, and finds a new way to cheer him up. For this, Cuddles is happy, in which he is waiting for a bus stop, talking and showing a past event from this episode. As the episode fades out in a circle, Cuddles corrects himself.


This episode was animated using GoAnimate's Lil' Peepz theme, considerably with the characters. However, though, the title card is in CGI. Speaking of CGI, it was made in Blender, with it being rendered using Cycles Render.


  • Toontown Online: The Brrrgh Street (8-bit)
  • GoAnimate: Hip Hop
  • Toontown Online: Toontown Central Street (8-bit)


  • The title card appears to have some strange chunks on the text. This is probably due to rendering problems.
    • Speaking of the title card, it also appears to be grainy. This is because the Render value was set to 10 before the episode was made, meaning it was rushed.
  • In Splendid's first scene, at one point, the background continues to shake, even when Cuddles isn't crying from where Splendid is.
    • Splendid also randomly does his stuff out of order in said scene.


  • This is the first episode to have a title card made using Blender.
  • This is also the first episode to be created after a month-long hiatus.

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