RPG Episode 1 is the first episode of CuddlesWorks RPG.


Part 1

Cuddles wakes up in the morning, getting out of bed. Later, he faces SouthParkSatanFan, whom he fights. Within that, he uses Fireball on him, prompting a missing Balloon Throw. At the second turn, Cuddles does Punch on SouthParkSatanFan. That also prompts a hitting Blah Blah, leading down to 18 health. To break the fourth wall, Cuddles says, "Ha! I had 20 health, now I have 18, so it doesn't decrease!" Lastly, as a final blow, he uses Finishing Fireball to finish SouthParkSatanFan. At the end, Cuddles gets excited just like the regular Episode 1.

Part 2

We see a remake of the behind the scenes video on Episode 1. Cuddles sees Splendont, who says that he can't get into his headquarters. Now facing a Splendont Minion, Cuddles attacks using Punch. Then Splendont gets Focus Energy, doubling his attack. Cuddles misses Flaming Palms by doing another Punch. Finally getting the chance to use Flaming Palms, Cuddles still misses. As a final blow, Cuddles says "Ha ha! Now it's time for the finisher!" before using Finishing Punch. The part then ends as Cuddles is excited.


The episode was animated using GoAnimate with visual transitions and library music.


Part 1

  • Cuddles' cheeks are missing throughout the entire episode. This could be an early design, as Part 2 fixes this.

Part 2

  • Giggles' body has a lighter shade of pink than her hands, feet, and head.


  • This is the first time that a protagonist (Cuddles) gets hit, bringing his health down to 18.
  • This episode is one of the only two that has Cuddles facing a Comedy World character, the other being Episode 5 of the regular show.
  • Part 1's video code contains the letters "UK", which are the initials for the United Kingdom.

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