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The Night That Santa Came is the first episode of season 3, the tenth episode of CuddlesWorks, and the eleventh episode overall, plus the final episode of the series.


While Cuddles is sleeping in bed at night, Santa comes to his house. As he does not have a chimney, Santa uses his door. He then places the presents and walks away. Back to Cuddles, it is daytime. A rooster wakes him up, as he heads to the tree. Three presents from Splendid, Giggles, and Lammy are under the tree. One of his presents is a Talking Skeleton Splendont from CuddlesTown Online, while the other is a Joking 2PO. Cuddles enjoys his presents, but later finds out that the Lammy present is not to be opened until the day after. For this, he breaks the fourth wall by saying that she would cancel her show. The episode ends as Cuddles waves to the viewer.


The episode was animated using GoAnimate and the Lil' Peepz, Cartoon Classics, and Comedy World themes, along with visual effects from GoAnimate.


  • To prove it here, the Joking 2PO is from Giggles, while the Talking Skeleton Splendont is from Splendid.
  • The Talking Skeleton Splendont is inspired by CuddlesTown Online, a scrapped project by the creator of CuddlesWorks.
  • Cuddles waves to the viewers at the end of the episode, breaking the fourth wall. This could be a way to end the series, though.

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