uolliaC Wildpig is the seventh episode of CuddlesWorks, the second episode of season 2, and the eighth episode overall.


Cuddles has been transformed into an elephant, meeting a wildpig at the Internet Cafe. The wildpig says stuff like "WAAAAAAAAA", "Me got dressed all by myself", and "The barn is red." Cuddles, annoyed, feels like he should go back to being a rabbit (see his HTF Wiki article here). However, this is all to be revealed that the wildpig is indeed uolliaC.


This episode was animated using GoAnimate's Wildlife template with pre-set visual effects.


  • This marks the first time Cuddles is an animal other than a rabbit.
  • The wildpig's quotes are homages to various videos from NotSmirks such as Caillou Tries Barn And Gets Grounded.
  • This is the first episode to use a template.

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